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Face Mask Covers and Filter Replacements


From The Field is stepping in to help with the current crisis. We are happy to present our own designs of 100% cotton face mask covers with insert pocket. Also available is our filter replacements made of our nonwoven biopolymer tea fabric. Check them out in our new Category "Face Mask Covers and Filter Replacements"


Great New Products 2020


Happy New Year! From The Field has been busy coming up with brand new cool concepts of cat toys and catnip unique items for the wonderful year of 2020! Cats all over made New Year resolutions to get their paws on better quality nip and toys, so we delivered! Make sure to visit our "New products 2020" category we just added!


Ultimate Blend Pellets!


Our popular “Ultimate Blend” mix of natural catnip and silver vine is now available in a no mess compressed pellet format! Don't miss out!

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