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Catnip Buds 2019 In Stock!


Hi Fellow retailers, our 2019 catnip buds are now in stock! It is our best year so far for quantities and quality! Harvested mid-July, you get the best fresh stuff possible. Our whole warehouse has this great minty smell, and everybody is giddily trimming!


Dog rope back in stock - Small Price Increase


We have our dog rope all back in stock. We also have a small price increase in the order of 2% to 4% on the dog rope, due to the price going up on Raw hemp rope. Thank you,


New Products 2019

We are happy to present 3 new products in our line for 2019: Our Ultimate Blend of Silver Vine and Catnip MIx now offered in a Can You Resist Tin can! FFC335 Also, due to the enormous success of our silver vine sticks to promote cats dental health, we are now offering them in the Mini-Max bulk format in a container. FFC334 Our catnip tea bags are a great way to fill or refill cat toys! check them out! FFC336 - FFC337

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